The Importance of Digitizing Documents during Covid-19

Piles of Banker Boxes

Paper documents are useless when working from home.

The Coronavirus has changed the way we do business for good. For over a month, workers around the world have been quarantined in their homes with the intention of slowing the spread of the virus. This has caused many workplaces to re-think how work is to be done.

Workers need the following:

  • a laptop or a home computer
  • good internet access
  • access to important documents through remote or cloud-access

If documents are not digitized, they are not accessible from home.  This causes important delays, lack of knowledge, and poor customer service.  Re-thinking how documents are stored, processed, and accessed is critical to success in a world that is now totally computer reliant.  Covid-19 will forever change the workplace because all companies have been forced to adopt the “Work-From-Home” ideology.

In recent years, scanning documents has been moving from a “Wish List” item to a “Must Have” item.   The catastrophic Coronavirus will force businesses to digitize, adopt better cloud-based document management system, and create a mobile-friendly work environment.

archSCAN has been helping companies transition from paper-based archives to digital archives.  We provide archiving, scanning, and indexing services to quickly migrate paper filing systems to cloud-based filing systems.

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