Library Maintenance

Library Maintenance

Organizations with large sets of documents, both paper and electronic, need document librarians who can correctly capture, upload, format, and index new documents into a document management system. It can be especially important to consider a document librarian resource once the investment in a document management system has been made and it becomes the repository for all of an organization’s information. Content management and library maintenance are critical aspects of the sustainability of a DMS.

Outsourced Librarian Services

archSCAN provides Librarian Services for organizations that wish to hire a librarian for their DMS. Because content management within a DMS must be kept fully available and up to date, organizations rely on archSCAN to provide high-level librarian services to all aspects of content management for documents and information. archSCAN’s skilled librarians manage DMS for a long list of federal, state, and local government agencies and private-sector clients. As new document sets are uploaded to the system, archSCAN captures the metadata and files the documents away in the correct system.

Subscription Services

archSCAN offers its Library Maintenance Service as a yearly or monthly subscription which provides ongoing content management and support. A typical service configuration is as follows:

  • Staff add any new files to “To be Filed” folder
  • New files are filed and indexed correctly with metadata tags, formatting, and naming conventions
  • New paper documents are scanned and uploaded

Library Maintenance Tasks

archSCAN’s trained archivists provide ongoing management of your library of documents, whether it consists of blueprints, files, records, invoices, receipts, or any other type of information your organization stores. The archivists also ensure that crucial aspects of document management such as file naming, indexing, and formatting conventions are maintained at all times.

By utilizing archSCAN’s outsourced librarian services, business organizations get to stay focused on the jobs at hand without worrying about whether new documents were added or exiting ones were updated.

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