Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanning

archSCAN provides large format scanning and digital conversion services for building facilities departments and other organizations that rely on blueprints, engineering drawings, architectural drawings, and construction plans in their daily operations. Wide format scanning also includes digitizing maps, newspapers, posters, and oversized historical documents. archSCAN converts paper documents into top quality, high resolution digital files such as TIFF, PDF, JPG, and uploads them to the cloud, on external hard drives, thumb drives, or document management systems.

Large Format Document Types

  • Wide format documents include blueprints, construction documents, architectural drawings, and engineering drawings
  • Oversize documents include posters, maps, and other paper documents
  • Paper documents up to 48 inches wide, of any length

Color Scanning Preserves Markups

Many scanning projects are about more than just the original document. Over time, crucial information gets added to blueprints or other plans as written notations in pen or pencil. For these documents, color document scanning is available for the preservation of mark-ups and redlining, color-coded schedules, or historical documents and maps.

Scanning Options

  • Scan at full original scale (100%)
  • Scan in black & white or in full-color
  • Scan and save to multiple file types based on client requirements (PDF, TIFF, JPG)
  • Repair damaged or torn documents

Skills and Experience for Preserving Older or Damaged Documents

Careful handling is required to scan large documents, especially blueprints which are typically older and more fragile and may have degraded over time. Our staff are fully skilled at restoring and repairing documents as needed as part of preparation for the scanning process. Fragile documents can be placed in acetate sleeves for additional protection during scanning.

Fragile Documents Can Be Placed in Acetate Sleeves for Additional Protection During Scanning

archSCAN's process can also improve contrast during scanning. Original blueprints with a dark background with white lines can be reversed. Our scanning capabilities also allow us to take a reverse mylar and flip the image so that it is read correctly. Light or faded originals can be darkened during the scanning process and dark originals can be lightened.

Drawing Sets

archSCAN offers a choice to clients regarding how to scan drawing sets. archSCAN can scan blueprint sets or each page can be saved as an individual PDF (often we do both options). Our data entry technicians are fully trained for reading engineering drawings and understand how to correctly index the digital files as part of the scanning process.

Indexing the Scanned Documents

For indexing documents, our scanning solutions include barcoded databases to increase the speed and accuracy of the document conversion, and data entry of the important details contained within each document. This means capturing key metadata from the documents such as building name, project name, document issue such as as-builts, date, paper file location, and disciplines such as architectural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. Our staff includes archivists who are trained to read and properly index construction documents. The digitized documents can easily be integrated into a document management system after the scanning and indexing is complete.

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Additional Capabilities

  • Capacity to scan thousands of documents per day at our scanning facility
  • On-site scanning available
  • Quick turn-around and delivery

Locate and Retrieve Large Documents Fast

Your organization will save time by gaining fast access to its wide format documents from any computer, in the cloud, or from a mobile device. archSCAN can place the newly digitized documents on CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, external hard drives, FTP site, in the cloud, or into a document management solution. For facilities departments, storing oversize documents such as construction plans placed within a document management system leads to a major improvement in operational efficiency.

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