Document Organization & Cataloging

Document Organization and Cataloging

Having access to important documents on a moment’s notice requires strategic organizing and cataloging. archSCAN’s extensive experience in this often-overlooked part of business operations makes it possible to achieve a solid ROI from time savings, productivity, and faster response to urgent requirements.

The benefits of organization and cataloging of documents can be seen almost immediately. Management sees smoother workflows instead of staff getting frustrated and overwhelmed from unnecessary efforts spent locating even a single piece of information. Anything that may have been filed in a file cabinet, a bankers box, or even as poorly named files on a computer can waste valuable time.

Explore the services below to find out how archSCAN helps organizations of all types and sizes find their information FAST. Whether you work in a facilities department, HR department, or any other operation that depends on information that is well organized and searchable, you’ll find that the benefits from archSCAN’s organizing and cataloging service can significantly improve production and save money.

Our Services

Document Organization

Document organization is our specialty. We research, inventory, and catalog your documents (both on and off-site). We help you know what is hidden in your file cabinets. We identify what exists (and where) in different types of files, in both paper and electronic formats.

Plan Room Clean-up

Access building plans and other documents quickly. archSCAN’s on-site organizing and cleanup lets facility departments locate drawings and technical documents such as O&M manuals and Specifications without wasting time searching. Our trained staff can remove duplications, implement version controls, and create a user-friendly drawing & document database.

Electronic File Organization

Transform confusing electronic files into a logical archive. The advantage of improving electronic file organization is the speed in which electronic documents can be found, increasing productivity and decreasing frustration.

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