High Speed Bulk Scanning

High Speed
Bulk Document Scanning

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archSCAN provides high speed, bulk document scanning to government and private sector clients across Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and beyond. archSCAN can accommodate very large scanning projects with short turnaround time using our high-speed scanning equipment. Bulk scanning can save money, increase productivity, improve document management, and reduce document storage space. Voluminous paper archives can be transformed into fully searchable digital libraries.

Processing up to 430 images per minute

Our bulk scanning service is fast enough to process large volume projects while producing high quality images up to 300 DPI in color, grayscale or black and white. Our post-scanning indexing software can automatically capture critical document information for indexing or metadata for document management systems.

High Speed for Tight Deadlines

We work with clients to meet tight deadlines and large volumes of paper documents which need to be scanned and indexed quickly. Often our clients need to move offices, have to scan legal documents for court deadlines, or have a short timeframe for digital conversion because they cannot be without the documents for long periods of time.

Bulk Document Scanning Features

  • Scanning at 430 images per minute
  • Ability to scan up to 28 banker storage boxes (10 x 12 x12) per shift
  • Multiple shifts available
  • Dual-sided scanning
  • Color, grayscale or black and white
  • Output multiple image formats at the same time (i.e. color, grayscale, TIFF, and PDF)
  • Multiple document conversion formats: PDF, TIFF, JPG
  • Automated indexing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Typical job types

Our bulk scanning service is ideal for HR and financial records scanning, legal documents, and back-file conversions. We convert outdated paper files into searchable PDF documents. We use barcoded separator sheets to help with workflow automation and automatically scan and index documents with filenames and metadata.

Scanning Time

The processing time for document digitization projects depends on each client’s unique needs such as document preparation, the age of the documents, the document indexing structure, and re-stapling of paper documents after document conversion is complete. Even considering the above factors, clients whose scanning projects may have tight deadlines or involve large volumes of paper that require bulk scanning are not a problem with our accurate and efficient high-speed scanning equipment.

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