Document Management Systems


Document Management Systems

Document management systems (DMS) have large quantities of documents and provide advanced search and workflow capabilities. DMS also provide security and ease of access to documents.

Gain Wide Ranging, Long-Lasting Business Benefits

Online Document Management Systems, or DMS for short, make organizations much more efficient than those that rely on information stored in paper files. One of archSCAN’s core capabilities is moving an organization from a paper-based system to a fast, efficient, online operation. archSCAN’s process for this is both seamless and efficient. Once your documents are scanned, archSCAN indexes each one with metadata to allow them to be searchable online. Your digitized documents get stored in a secure, backed-up, easily accessible DMS so that staff can locate critical information on the fly. With a DMS, employees find information from any device at any time and from any location.

Scalable Document Management Systems

From an access database to an enterprise solution, archSCAN provides scalable DMS options to meet your needs and budget. DMS can vary depending on your organization's size and requirements. Sometimes a simple, searchable database or excel spreadsheet is sufficient, while other times a robust system with more security and features is required. Document Management Systems can vary depending on your organization’s size and requirements for both now and in the future. When organizations already have an electronic Document Management System in place, archSCAN prepares and scans documents to the required format – such as searchable PDF files – for your system, inserts the metadata for making the documents searchable, and directly imports into your DMS or creates a .CSV file for an easy upload.

Some of the numerous benefits that organizations have gained with a Document Management System include:

Time Savings

  • Immediate retrieval of any type of document using keyword searches or date range parameters
  • Retrieve documents with a web based user interface from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Access by Vendors when needed for maintenance or when handling urgent outages
  • Remote Access to records and documents when on the road, at home, or away from the office
  • Fast response to legal compliance tasks, where staff need quick access to all documents for audits, legal discovery, life safety, or other legal matters

Disaster Preparedness

  • Reduced time to fix major facilities outages, with quick access from any location to drawings, blueprints, or other required documentation
  • Preventing information loss in case of a disaster such as a fire, flood or other tragedy
  • Backups of every electronic document in the system

Enhanced Security

  • Login/Password Protection
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Document Control to ensure access to authorized personnel only
  • Security logging to track who views what documents
  • Version Control and tracking to keep an audit trail of document changes

Get the most Cost Effective DMS for your needs

archSCAN has experience with a wide range of Document Management Systems and is able to help organizations choose the best one to suit their both current and long-term needs. We’re able to recommend the best DMS for organizations whose needs range from human resources records, facilities documents and blueprints, legal files, financial records, technical documentation, and any other records management needs. When an organization has more than one document type to be stored, we recommend more general-purpose DMS designed for storage and searchability of diverse document sets. For more specific document sets, a specialized DMS is needed.

archSCAN maintains excellent customer communications to ensure clients end up with the best possible document management solution. archSCAN has partnered with industry leading Document Management System partners to make the entire process as seamless as possible for our clients, from document scanning, to indexing the digitized documents with detailed metadata for searching, and importing documents into the DMS.

Visit the partner links below to find out more about each of the systems they offer.

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