Vivica Williams, archSCAN President/Artist, creates 25 original works of art to celebrate clients

Artist Statement

My earliest memories are not of people or events, but of buildings and spaces.  My mind holds pictures of where I have been and not what I have done.  It is no wonder that I find myself drawn to beautiful buildings.  The construction of a new space is an amazing mix of aesthetic design choices with practical functional choices. A beautiful new building must also have electrical, heating, and plumbing.  The drawings that diagram the layout of such structures are lovely as well as practical.

This series combines the practical with the aesthetic for me in other ways as well.  It combines my “day job” with my passion.  By day, I own a business that digitizes building documents such as architectural drawings.  By night (and weekends), I paint.  I finally decided to merge my two seemingly disparate worlds.  This series is a tribute to my business clients through art and my way of elevating the trades (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) to match the beauty of the spaces they are hidden within.

–Vivica Williams, President of archSCAN, is a formally trained artist and former art teacher. 


Vivica Williams

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