Providing Clarity in 20/20.

Happy New Year!!!  As we move into a new decade, I keep hearing the catchphrase of “Clarity for 20/20”.  I have to admit it is perfect for what we do.  We assist clients in shifting through DECADES of documents and clutter to get clarity of what they have and how to find what they need easily.  Our clients shift from blind searches to targeted keyword searches.  Through customized databases, scanning, OCR, and metadata capture, we take our clients from decades-old document repositories to state-of-the-art document management systems.

Instead of digging through piles of dirty paper in the warehouse, basement or attic, our clients can do a quick search from their phone, tablet, desktop, or even at home in their pyjamas to find the document they need!  When emergencies arise, problems can be solved quickly because information can be found quickly.  There is no need to go to where the documents are stored, they can be found immediately on your device.  This leads to better customer service, happier employees, and peace of mind.

Here are a few ways that archSCAN can help provide clarity and peace of mind:

  1. Organizing decades of old documents, removing duplications and documents past their retention schedule.
  2. Digitizing paper documents and turning them into searchable PDF files.
  3. Standardizing indexing and metadata so that you can perform keyword searches to find documents FAST!
  4. Housing the documents in a state-of-the-art Document Management System so that the documents have a secure place to “live” and users can log in to view the documents in a password-protected environment.

Invest in improving your document management practices in 2020!  Provide the clarity of knowing what you have and where/how to find it!  The investment of good records management pays for itself through increased productivity, fewer mistakes, less repetition, and streamlined processes.


Vivica Williams

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