Document Management For Facility Managers- Part 3- Estimating How Many Drawings You Have

How Many Drawings and How Much Paper Do I Have have?

Estimating Tools

Large-Format Drawings
A flat file drawer holds up to 200 sheets
A 5 drawer flat file holds 1000 drawings
A roll of drawings can average 15-100 sheets

1” binder holds 200 sheets of paper
2” binder holds 400 sheets of paper
3” binder holds 600 sheets of paper

Small-Format Documents
A standard banker box holds 2000-2500 pages
A linear foot is 1800 sheets
An inch is 150 sheets

Keep in mind, quantities could double if documents are double-sided.

Did you know?

A plan room has typically 30-50% in duplications and superseded sets.

Vivica Williams

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