Top Ten Reasons To Convert Paper To PDF

  1. Save Money– Save up to 66% of traditional archiving expenses. No more off-site storage fees, reproduction costs, shipping costs.
  2. Save Time– Find documents in seconds! Filing, re-filing, packaging, and reproduction tasks eliminated.
  3. Save Space– 1 CD = 1000 blueprints or 7 banker boxes of documents. No more filing cabinets, boxes, or shelves cluttering the office.
  4. Disaster Recovery-Documents are protected on CDs, servers, or on the Internet from disasters such as fires, floods, tornados, etc.
  5. Productivity– More revision options, faster retrieval and turn around times, access to large quantities of information at your desk, all of which leads to increased productivity.
  6. Communication and Collaboration– Many people can access the same information from their desks, enabling conference calls, emailing, and better interaction.
  7. Improved Levels of Client Satisfaction– Reduced call-back times and repair times; and up-to-date information at your fingertips,all of which improves client satisfaction.
  8. Accuracy and Security– No more misfiled, lost, borrowed, or stolen documents, and accurate revision histories. Security features may be added (password protection).
  9. Go Green– Paper is saved by fewer copies being made; transportation fuel is saved by emailing documents instead of delivering; and originals may be recycled.
  10. Long term preservation No more deterioration, fading, rips, stains, tears, holes, mold, etc. The quality of the scanned image may be improved by increasing the contrast, etc.

Vivica Williams

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